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A jewellery collection like no other...

A peek into the home studio...

Emily works from home in her upstairs studio with stunning views looking over the West Allen Valley.

The Clay Station ~ using a pasta machine, tissue blades, tools and cutters Emily works her magic on a white granite surface. Here she conditions the clay, rolls, sculpts and slices to create the intricate and unique designs that go into each piece of Supremily Jewellery.

Rounded square SAM_2387 IMAG0719

The pasta machine... lots of elbow grease goes into cranking that handle to condition the clay!

SAM_2359 P1090621 SAM_4749

Sculpting a pebble pendant base, smoothed with fingers and textured with the Supremily signature stamp.

Sculpting a blended purple flower, now ready to be packed and rolled.

Multi tasking! Three necklaces are being made, each bead made by hand.



The Glue Station ~ a space used for the glueing of stud earrings, brooches and rings. Wearing a protective mask with special carbon filters, Emily carefully glues each tiny piece using a special industrial strength glue. This glue takes 72 hours to fully cure, meaning there will be different amounts of studs curing at different stages!

SAM_0139 P1090173



The Findings Station ~ for stringing beads, twisting and filing wire, attaching clasps and making ear wires. It's important to stay as organised as possible when working with so many tiny parts!



The Packaging Station ~ for making all packaging, sticking stickers on gift boxes and pricing finished pieces ready for the stall. Online orders are also prepared here. This is also the cutting and laminating station (laminating is so much fun!!)




The Photography Station ~ for taking product shots for the website. A  mini home photography studio!


The Office ~ for editing photos, writing emails, invoices, ordering stock, managing accounts and applying for festivals!! Also for working on this website, running 5 online shops and 3 websites!


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