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What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a maleable, sculptable modelling clay containing plasticisers which, when cured in an oven, polymerise and solidify. Fimo is the chosen brand used to make Supremily Jewellery and is made by Staedtler. It comes in solid blocks of different colours.

An ancient millefiori technique is used to sculpt the clay and gain intricate detail, also used in venetian glass making where molten rods of glass are placed together and stretched out.

Each block colour is 'conditioned' by rolling it through a pasta machine around 15 times before it is ready to work with, this part is very labour intensive!

The clay can then be blended with other colours to create any colour and shade imaginable, making the images created truely unique. Emily uses many different techniques mastered over nearly six years of exploration where the clay is layered, stacked, sculpted or stretched to form patterns. Out of these rolls a variety of different beads, pendants and earrings can then be made.

All of the larger pieces of work are a completely unique one off piece of work, such as necklaces and pendants. Smaller studs and brooches are made in batches of 5-10 in each design.

Emily makes bespoke orders and will work with you to create exactly what you have in mind at no extra cost.

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